Used for primary or backup alarm reporting. Saves money and duplicate-reporting when used as a backup alarm communicator, too. Connects to telephone line and monitors it; so radio only reports alarm data via GPRS/GSM wireless network when telco can’t.

· Full event reporting

· Universally compatible to support full data of all alarm panel brands using Contact ID and 4/2 formats

· Uses GPRS data channel of GSM network for affordable, dependable, high-speed alarm communications supported by an extensive nationwide network.

· Connects to and monitors phone line so when used as a backup alarm communicator SL-1FD-T only transmits alarm events wirelessly when the telco fails – saving money, reporting fees, eliminating duplicate reporting confusion, etc.

· May also be used as a primary alarm communicator, always reporting wirelessly via GSM network.

· Easy to activate and program via telephone voice prompts or online at or ; automatic dialer capture for minimal programming. No costly programmer is required.

· SIM card included

· Self-monitoring of unit’s performance for reliability

· Universally transmits alarm reports to any central station supporting standard all CS formats (contact ID or 4/2), without requiring any additional CS equipment

· Durable aluminum housing (Optionally accommodates 1/2” EMT for wiring protection and standard 3/8” recessed magnetic contact for supervised tamper.)

· EMI-/RFI-shielded electronics ensures dependability

· Automatic signal-strength indicator on power up for dependable installation peace of mind (Visual LED indicator strength scale 1 to 5)

· Powerful transmission; Maximum FCC-allowable RF output

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