About Mason Monitoring, Inc.


Mason Monitoring is a non installing central station that offers more than just reliable monitoring services.  We stay on the pulse of all the latest trends in the alarm trade so that we can provide our installers with the insight and support they look for when out in the field. Our central station is equipped with an extensive library that contains a vast array of installation and end user manuals for almost every panel and device being used today. When you call Mason Monitoring you don’t get just an operator, you get a support system!


With over 30 years of experience and expertise on our side Mason Monitoring possesses the know-how and technical savvy to provide you with the support you demand in your central station.  The rising popularity of VoIP service has created a nightmare for most installers. Mason Monitoring has taken liberties to ensure that we can monitor and support your accounts no matter what your VoIP solution may be. We are fully capable of receiving IP or GSM transmissions from any device of your choosing – not sure what to choose from? Call Mason Monitoring today and we’ll help to steer you in the right direction.


Our central station is capable of receiving and monitoring any format of digital, video, two-way voice, GSM, or internet alarm transmissions. All of our incoming and outgoing phone lines are recorded and archived for immediate retrieval if the need to should ever arise to review a conversation or particular dispatch. We boast full redundancy on all of our receivers, phone lines, and power supplies. Our 10+ hours of battery back-up and on site generator give you the peace of mind you need when choosing a central station.


All paper documents that enter the offices of Mason Monitoring are scanned and stored electronically in our document imaging library.  We save hard copies and electronic copies of EVERYTHING that comes into our office.


As a dealer with Mason Monitoring you can have instant access to our 5,000+ installation and end user manuals right here on our website. Our dealers also have web access to all of their account data and activity via our SIMSWEB dealer access software.  With dealer access you can review database information, check your accounts activity, and place individual zones or an entire account on test at your leisure without having to call into the central. Dealer access also enables our dealers to view near real time account traffic for all of their accounts.